Ladder-Up Specialty Lions Club, Inc. and Skills Canada New Brunswick (registered non-profits) plan to launch a Skills Centre of Excellence in Moncton. It will offer essential employment and life skills training in an 18-week trades discovery boot camp for indigenous, francophone, anglophone, and new-Canadian youths not currently in education, employment, or training. These young people are on the workforce sidelines. Between EI/SERB, social assistance, rehab, detox, juvenile justice, stressed and dysfunctional families, medication, and mental health services, they are an anchor to further prosperity for our region. But they represent a large local pool of potential talent for employers in Greater Moncton and southeast New Brunswick. With a ladder up from despair, with increased hope and self-esteem, with essential work and life skills, and with a sense of purpose and direction, most can be productive employees and contributing citizens. Lions Ladder-Up and Skills Canada NB have direct access to excellent journeyman trainers to whom our trainees will look up, and cadres of volunteers to mentor trainees. Lions cannot accept payment for services rendered to their community.


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