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New Brunswick Embraces Future Ready Learning System-Wide

Tricia Berry stewards the New Brunswick Education and Early Childhood Development's implementation of inclusive, innovative career education founded on global competencies for all K-12 students

Tricia Berry, Learning Specialist, Universal Design for Career Education, New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Future Ready Learning (FRL) best practices are being intentionally and purposefully imbedded into existing curriculum and practice in all New Brunswick public schools. Students will develop future ready skills in all subjects and grade levels as they cycle through Awareness, Understanding, and Readiness, continuously connecting learning to the spectrum of career pathways.

Future Ready Learning includes:

  • Social Emotional Learning integrated across all curricula.

  • Focused and expanded experiential learning for students from K to 12.

  • A focus on the development of global competencies through personalized learning.

  • Timely, effective, and innovative means of connecting learners, educators and families with labour market information (in partnership with Postsecondary Education, Training and Labour).

  • Systemic, whole school implementation of the myBlueprint Educational Planner 6-12 and the myBlueprint All About Me 4-5. myBlueprint helps learners document and reflect on their future ready growth with their parents' support.

  • Financial education to enable learners to take more control over their financial future – and improve their chances of success.

New Brunswick decided to make this system-wide commitment based on compelling research that shows future ready learning:

  • bolsters well-being/mental health and satisfaction in life

  • improves academic achievement

  • increases student engagement and motivation

  • facilitates the development of competencies to manage learning, work and transitions

  • prepares students for the workplaces of the future

  • boosts social mobility

  • improves employee engagement and productivity

  • reduces unemployment and underemployment

  • strengthens economic growth

The goal is for schools to see the importance of engaging in Future Ready Learning and to identify the practices and strategies that are best suited for their school and learners.

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