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Executive Profile

Education Reimaginer
Phil Jarvis is on a lifelong mission to better prepare students for life beyond school. He has led national and international education and career development projects for 40+ years. His work has inspired thousands of educators, career counselors, and workforce development specialists, and directly influenced millions of young people.

Phil mobilizes educators, employers, government, business, and community leaders to:

  • Produce career and life-ready graduates, and happier, more effective teachers

  • Transition to personal, project- and community-based experiential learning

  • Ignite students’ creativity and equip them to change the world

  • Enhance students’ self-esteem, confidence, engagement, achievement, and retention

  • Lower stress levels among students, teachers, and parents leading to better mental health

  • Reduce economic, social, and human costs of youth transition failures


Phil uncovers and develops innovative ideas in career development then acts as a brand ambassador to champion the idea into a successful national and international initiative. He did so with CHOICES, Canada Career Information Partnership, Canada Prospects, The Real Game Series, the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, Canada WorkinfoNET, Destination 2020, and Smart Options.

Some may call him a dreamer taking on projects with incomprehensible scopes, but Phil asks, “How could it go wrong?” He seeks out the best and the brightest people to commit to collaboration and brings quality programs to life both here in Canada and around the world.


Since his days as an Officer in the Canadian military, Phil Jarvis has traveled across Canada identifying opportunities to align individuals and organizations to collaborate. After graduating from the Royal Military College and rising to the rank of Captain, Phil joined Employment and Immigration Canada as a Project Manager. There he invented one of the world’s most prominent computer-based career exploration and planning systems and his career trajectory was set. Phil would go on to publish articles and book chapters, deliver keynotes, win national awards, and become one of Canada’s leading authorities in career development and educational transformation.


He is trusted and deeply respected as an expert who easily integrates with industry thought leaders in education, government, business, industry, indigenous groups, and youth organizations.


There are many things you can call Phil Jarvis: inventor of Canada’s first computer-based career exploration system, global collaborator, international career champion, founding partner, board member, author, keynote speaker, an innovator “ahead of his time”; today, he is a leading voice in aligning education with evolving workforce and societal needs.

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