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Executive Profile

Education Reimaginer

Phil Jarvis is dedicated to a lifelong pursuit aimed at equipping students for the challenges beyond their academic years. With over four decades of experience, he has spearheaded numerous national and international initiatives in education and career development. His impactful endeavors have served as a source of inspiration for countless educators, career counselors, and workforce specialists, impacting the lives of millions of young individuals directly.


Phil leverages his expertise to mobilize stakeholders across various sectors, including education, business, government, and community leadership, towards several key objectives:

  • Cultivating graduates who are proficient in both career and life skills, fostering a conducive environment for effective teaching practices.

  • Facilitating a transition towards personalized, project-based, and community-oriented experiential learning.

  • Nurturing creativity among students and empowering them to effect positive change in society.

  • Elevating students' self-assurance, engagement, academic performance, and retention rates.

  • Addressing the prevalent issue of stress among students, educators, and parents, thereby contributing to improved mental well-being.

  • Mitigating the economic, social, and human costs associated with unsuccessful youth transitions.


Phil is renowned for his ability to identify and cultivate innovative concepts in career development, subsequently advocating for their adoption on both national and international platforms. Notable initiatives include CHOICES, Canada Career Information Partnership, Canada Prospects, The Real Game Series, the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, Canada WorkinfoNET, Destination 2020, and Smart Options.


Despite the ambitious scope of his projects, Phil remains undeterred, guided by an unwavering optimism and a commitment to excellence. He actively seeks out top-tier collaborators and facilitates impactful partnerships, extending the reach of quality programs across Canada and beyond.


Beginning his career as an Officer in the Canadian military, Phil's journey has taken him across Canada, where he has identified opportunities for collaboration and alignment among individuals and organizations. Graduating from the Royal Military College and ascending to the rank of Captain, Phil transitioned to Employment and Immigration Canada, where he pioneered one of the world's foremost computer-based career exploration and planning systems, setting the stage for his distinguished career trajectory. Over the years, he has authored numerous articles and book chapters, delivered compelling keynote addresses, earned national accolades, and emerged as a leading authority in career development and educational reform in Canada.


Phil is widely regarded as a trusted expert, esteemed for his seamless integration with thought leaders across education, government, business, industry, indigenous communities, and youth organizations.


Phil Jarvis embodies various roles: as the innovator behind Canada's pioneering computer-based career exploration system, a global collaborator, an advocate for international career advancement, a founding partner, a respected board member, an accomplished author, a captivating keynote speaker, and a visionary who has consistently anticipated educational needs ahead of his time. Today, he continues to serve as a prominent advocate for aligning education with the evolving demands of the workforce and society at large.

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