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Selected Writing

Reimagining Learning

  • Life Readiness Education for a World in Crisis, Phil Jarvis and Howard Esbin, December 2021. Introduces a new model of collaborative learning using AllStar Teams Education to optimize project team strengths to tackle real-world issues aligned with the United Nations Sustainable development Goals.

  • The 4th R: Readiness. Phil Jarvis, ReimaginED, 2021. Describes the reimagined public education system I envisage.

  • Blogs and LinkedIn Posts

  • Uncaging Adolescent Creativity, Institute for Research in Public Policy, 2017

  • New Mantra for Education: Career Readiness, CERIC ContactPoint, 2017 advocating shifting from a transmission of knowledge model of teaching to a personal, hands-on, project-based model of learning

  • Canada’s School-to-Work Report Card: Grade F, Phil Jarvis, Natcon Papers, Ottawa, 2001


Career Development = Economic Development


Career Choice to Career Building and Management

  • The Perfect Talent Storm: Implications for Career Practitioners, National Life/Work Center, Memramcook, 2010

  • Empowering the 21st Century Professional School Counselors, Chapter 26, Jackie Allen, The Real Game Series: Helping Students Imagine Their Future, Phillip Jarvis, Michael Gangitano 

  • Career Management Skills: Keys to a Great Career and a Great Life, Phil Jarvis, National Symposium on Career Development Policy and Practice, Toronto, Symposium Papers, 2003

  • Vocational Choice to Career Management: Measuring Learning Progress, UddannelsesGuiden (Education Guide), Ministry of Education, Denmark 

  • The Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, ERIC/Semantic Scholar, Phillip Jarvis, Joan Richardt

  • From Vocational Decision Making to Career Building: Blueprint, Real Games, and School Counseling, Phillip Jarvis and Ethel Keeley, American School Counselors Association Journal, April 2003

  • A New Era of Career Development, Eastern European Regional Career Development Conference sponsored by The Hungarian Ministry of Education, The European Training Foundation and The World Bank, Keynote presentation in Conference Papers, Budapest, 2000

  • The Formula for Success in Career Building, Phil Jarvis, National Consultation on Career Development, Ottawa, 2000

  • Formula Para El Exito en Construccion de la Carrera Professional, P.S. Jarvis, Revista Espanola de Orientacion y Psicopedagogia, Madrid 2001

  • Career Information and Counselling in the Internet Era, Phillip Jarvis, in Papers of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, Brasov, Romania, 1997

  • Career Development in the Global Age, Phillip Jarvis, Communique, Bridging the Gap, January 1992

  • The threshold of a New Era: Making Career Development Front Page News, Phillip Jarvis, STM Systems Corp., paper delivered at an International Conference on Technology in Career Development, Tallahassee, Florida, 1989

  • Canada’s Future Demands a New Era in Vocational Guidance, paper delivered at the Canadian Vocational Assessment and Work Adjustment Conference Annual Conference, Ottawa, 1989



CHOICES/Real Game Series

  • Getting Serious Play: Life Span Career Education, Phil Jarvis, Howard Esbin, Education Canada Vol. 46 (3), Canadian Education Association, 2010.

  • The Be Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition, Facilitators Guide and Student Zone (500+ pages), National Life/Work Center, Memramcook, 2009

  • The Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition, Facilitators Guide and Student Zone (500+ pages), National Life/Work Center, Memramcook, 2007

  • Educators Use Career “Games” To Teach Lifelong Career Management Skills, Phil Jarvis and Michael Gangitano, Techniques, American Association of Career and Technical Educators, January 2004

  • The Real Game Series: Bringing Real Life to Classrooms Around the World, Phillip Jarvis, National Career Development Association Conference Papers, Chicago,1998

  • Choices Students and Counsellors Manuals, Phil Jarvis, annual publications for Employment and Immigration Canada, Canada Systems Group, STM Systems Corp, Ottawa, 1978-1987



North American Partnership

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