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Career Highlights

Education Reimaginer
Invented one of the world’s most prominent computer-based career exploration and planning systems
Introduced and led global and national initiatives used by millions of youth in 100K+ sites globally
Implemented multi-million dollar international career infrastructure projects in Romania and Turkey
Aligned diverse teams for collaboration including state, provincial, territorial, and federal governments
Authored and co-authored 40+ publications on career and workforce development, guidance and counselling and education
Assembled national and international networks of champions and partners
Executed national and global projects involving public, private and third sector organizations
Expanded ‘The Real Game Series’ into 100,000 classrooms in 15 countries for millions of students annually

Executive Leadership

Chief Education Reimagineer                                                                                      2020 to 2024

Education ReImaginED

As an education consultant, work with organizations to develop and implement a whole-community vision of public education to produce life- and career-ready graduates who transition confidently and purposefully from high school to postsecondary learning and employment pathways that align with their interests, skills, and aspirations. Also developing Career Callings, an online platform to help people discover their purpose by exploring the UN Global Goals.

Founding President                                                                                                     2017 to 2020

Transitions Coalition

Network of educators, employers, youth and indigenous leaders working together to reduce youth unemployment and underemployment


  • Recruits and establishes network(s) and commitments of funders, coalition partners, and consultants.

  • Identifies and scales innovations benefitting students, teachers, parents, and businesses across Canada.

“Phil is a rare combination of a visionary leader, collaborator, and doer. He has been the engine for ground-breaking contributions to our field … [and] has blended technology, theory, and practice to create internationally renowned tools. He is a genuine, caring, compassionate, and generous friend that oozes integrity, expertise, and wisdom.”


- Executive Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation

Director of Global Partnerships                                                                                  2012 to 2017


A life-changing career program used by more students, parents, educators and libraries than any other career development program in North America


  • Leveraged influence as industry thought leader to establish Xello as ‘best in class’ community engagement platform with prominent career development organizations.

  • Promoted ‘whole community engagement’ in career and workforce development, organized Career Summits and aligned stakeholders using Xello’s Inspire platform. 

Vice President of Global Partnerships                                                                         1994 to 2012


Non-profit agency partners with stakeholders to develop career resources to help individuals imagine a better future and become more self-reliant in navigating careers

  • Influenced and aligned national and provincial governments, identified and convinced stakeholders of the value in building a national learning framework for career management competencies. 

  • Assembled national advisory committee co-wrote the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, oversaw national training and piloting then deployed Blueprint across Canada. 

  • Discovered innovative program, advised departments of education of program’s potential, secured commitment to collaborate.

  • Mobilized national advisory committee, co-wrote and transformed ‘The Real Game’ into 15-hour prototype that was piloted in 100 schools across the nation. 

  • Deployed ’The Real Game’ in 15K schools across Canada, 30K across the United States, and thousands more around the globe.

Founder/National Coordinator                                                                                   1990 to 1994


(National network of career development consultants in Ministries of Education and Labour to collaborate on career development initiatives)

  • Formulated and championed “Canada Prospects” an annual career and labour market information magazine delivered free to schools, colleges, employment centres and libraries for 16 years.

  • Implemented multi-million dollar international career infrastructure projects in Romania and Turkey, coordinated 70+ missions on behalf of the World Bank and Canadian International Development Agency.

Manager, Research, Development and Marketing                                                      1980 to 1990


(One of the first data processing service bureaus in Canada)

  • Established North American sales force. Recruited and cultivated network of 12 sales representatives to sell large-scale systems to educators with limited technical expertise and small budgets.

  • Generated $10M in annual sales and implemented CHOICES in 15,000 locations across every province and territory, in over 20 U.S. states, and in Holland, Belgium and France.

“Phil is a legend in Canadian – and world – career development circles.”

- Dean, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Project Manager Occupational and Career information branch                                  1974 to 1980


Office in the Cabinet of Canada (later replaced with the office of Minister of Human Resources Development with the immigration portfolio relocating to the department for Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

  • Invented, launched and promoted Canada’s first online career exploration computer application (CHOICES) to help students and employment centres across Canada explore career options.

  • Expanded program into international markets (US, Turkey, the Netherlands), having successfully advocated for integration of ‘CHOICES’ into almost every school and employment centre in Canada.

  • Authored five booklets in Careers Canada series then developed system to automate production of 17K occupational monographs “Canadian Provinces” in French and English for all provinces and territories.

  • Automated data input process (English and French) and reduced timeline from 17 to three years to complete and implement series across Canada.

  • Championed ‘CHOICES’ program to become the ‘gold standard’ for 30+ years after its invention. 

Recent Publications

“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -

Formal Education and Military Services

Professional Affiliations

Awards and Distinctions

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