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Canadian Students Write to Change the World

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

An exciting new project aims to mobilize Canadian students through the collaboration of two visionary educators. Gavin McCormack, a distinguished Montessori teacher with a rich tapestry of experiences across various global settings and the driving force behind, found synergy with Phil Jarvis, a renowned figure in career development and youth engagement, during a 2022 podcast. As Co-Host of the Parents as Career Coaches Podcast, Phil invited Gavin to be a special guest. The podcast, a platform to help parents better help their children with their career aspirations, was the birthplace of a dynamic new collaboration.

McCormack reflected, "Our conversation during the podcast was just the beginning. We found a shared purpose, an aligned vision, and a burning desire to change the educational narrative." Phil Jarvis, celebrated for his unwavering dedication to youth, has championed numerous initiatives aimed at bolstering student engagement, aligning academic aspirations with workforce needs, and producing “life-ready” graduates. "Every voice matters, every story counts," Jarvis expressed. "Our mission is to ensure that the vibrant voices, wisdom, and passion of Canadian youth are heard, celebrated, and archived for future generations."

From this shared ambition, the "Write a Book to Change the World" initiative was conceived.'s program is a treasure trove for educators, offering comprehensive training, ready-to-implement lesson plans, and thorough assessment guidelines, thus catalyzing a student's journey from imaginative brainstorming to becoming a published author. The initiative's horizon extends far and wide. As Canada steps into the school new year, both McCormack and Jarvis are determined to do their best to enrol as many schools as possible schools from coast-to-coast-to-coast to this FREE offering. Their collective dream: to enable every Canadian student to upload their book onto the Upschool library, creating an everlasting digital repository of hope, love, and empathy that captures the essence of Canadian youth.

Note: Parents can do this with their children and community organizations can with their members.

Envisioning the profound impact of their initiative, McCormack stated, "This digital library will be more than just a collection of stories. It's a testament to the spirit, dreams, and resilience of a nation's youth." Jarvis added, "Our collaboration has been serendipitous. Through this platform, we're amplifying voices that will resonate globally, echoing Canadian values of unity, compassion, and hope." In the vast and diverse canvas of Canada, the McCormack-Jarvis initiative emerges as a beacon, guiding a generation of storytellers, dreamers, and future leaders.

This video provides a short introduction to the FREE 10-week course to guide teachers or parents and students through the process of planning, writing and publishing books to change the world.

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