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How to Empower Students to Create a Better World

Wondering how, specifically, to empower your students or your children to create a better world? Unleash their imaginations on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Click on the image below to see details on each goal.

Peruse all the goals and ask which appeal most. Then, individually or in groups, brainstorm projects you and they could do in the community or as a family to make a difference. This is not just an exercise of the imagination. With them, make and implement specific plans which will likely involve others in their community or social networks. The object of this exercise is to show students, whatever their age, that they can contribute to solutions the world needs.

For those who want specific instructions for activities linked to these goals, excellent lesson plans, and diverse other resources, are available at The World's Largest Lesson. Click on the image below to find lesson plans and other resources filtered by age, language, goal, and more.

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