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Transitions Interactive

Digital Platform

Informing, engaging, and inspiring Canada's youth by delivering real-life stories, videos, and in-depth labour market information data to their fingertips. 

This project is on pause.

Transitions Content Map

Delivering impactful content

in engaging ways

Our interactive digital platform will be as it sounds: interactive and digitally available to every device. This approach allows us to continually update our content, as well as delivery methods, to make sure we are having the right impact on Canadian students. 

A digital platform delivered on different screens and devices

Interactive and innovative outreach tools to engage students and readers

Interactive chats, social media outreach and more direct digital connections

A state-of-the-art interactive dashboard for labour market information

An engaging pan-Canadian video campaign for students

A pan-Canadian database of resources and experts

Shared objectives delivered through a proven collaborative approach

Transitions IDP shares the same objectives as that of Canada’s new Youth Employment and Skills Strategy and key recommendations of the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada’s Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions and the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training’s Future in Focus

Transitions IDP will help youth (15-29), including at-risk youth and those with barriers, plan for and navigate a successful transition from school to work and adult life. It will include engaging content, illustrated by true stories, in words and videos, of real people across the country, explaining how youth can prepare themselves for the future. 

It will also include an online Facilitators Guide to show educators and career development facilitators how to engage youth so they see its personal relevance and are more likely to visit regularly and share it with friends, siblings, and parents. Also included will be an online Parents Guide to provide tips to parents on how to use the platform to engage their children in meaningful career conversations and help them network with people currently working in career roles they are considering.

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Transitions IDP Content Map:

Six sections of impactful material

Transitions IDP will be delivered in six separate sections of material, all of which have been chosen due to their importance to Canada's youth. This content map was shared with career development experts and education leaders across Canada for comments and improvements. 

Future-Proofing Yourself


To encourage and assist readers in effectively making decisions on their future.

Focus Areas

  • Employment and Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Lifestyle Options

Open Workspace
College Students in Campus

Understanding my Needs


To encourage readers to explore their own characteristics and source of happiness.

Focus Areas

  • Issues I Care About

  • How do I fit in the World

  • Interests, Hopes, and Dreams

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Exploring Possibilities


To help readers explore potential possibilities in different parts of life.

Focus Areas

  • Employment Possibilities

  • Community Possibilities

  • Education Possibilities

What Can I do Now?


To outline a few action-based options that readers can undertake to improve.​

Focus Areas

  • Employment Actions

  • Self-improvement Actions

  • Self-marketing Actions

Woman Lecturer

Canadian Expert Database


To share with the readers the wide-array of options that are available to them for help.​

Focus Areas

  • Private Career Professional

  • Online Resources

  • Community Agencies

Laptop Writing

Interactive LMI Dashboard


To compile job information in an easily congestible manner for the readers. ​

Focus Areas

  • 200+ occupations with salary, outlook, and training requirements.

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Partnership with SIEC & Relevance Magazine

TCC and SIEC agreed to partner to create a new generation of a highly popular, much-needed career and labour market digital platform called Transitions IDP. SIEC and TCC would lead content development and design. TCC would mobilize a Project Advisory Group, and handle all finances and logistics, including communications, travel and meeting arrangements, contracting, printing, shipping.

This descendant of Canada Prospects has been produced and distributed annually to at least 40,000 Saskatchewan students and young adults since 2007 by the Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC).


When Prospects was discontinued, SIEC decided to establish a provincial magazine. The name Relevance was chosen since its goal was to provide relevant career and labour market information to youth. With a need for Indigenous role models in careers, the focus for the first two years was Saskatoon and north. The shift from a northern magazine to a provincial magazine in 2009 was driven by strong demand province-wide.


Post-secondary institutions, K-12 educators, First Nation communities, the federal government, and Saskatchewan sector councils all supported Relevance from the outset. Saskatchewan LMI and the Job Chart insert were provided by the federal government division located in Saskatchewan. Career profiles and career and employment-related articles were based on recommendations from post-secondary institutions.


Relevance is now in its 12th year. It is delivered to K-12 schools (provincial and federal), post-secondary institutions, and government and non-profit organizations supporting clients seeking transition services.  An online version is available (Relevance 2020), but the paper copy is preferred by most because of the Job Chart information and Internet bandwidth concerns in many rural communities.

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