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Education should help students find their authentic self, identify issues that ignite their passion for learning and life, and master the social-emotional skills and competencies they’ll need to create a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. In short, education should empower students to create a great life (passion) and a better world (purpose).


This requires a dramatic shift from slavish adherence to the same prescribed, age-based, college-prep curriculum and standardized tests for all students to a personalized, problem- and community-based learning approach in which students address real-world issues, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (below), while mastering learning outcomes and skills they'll need lifelong, like the Pullan's 6 C's of deep learning (left).


Every child possesses the most remarkable, renewable, expandable, natural resource on the planet – a human brain – with an unbounded capacity for wonder, imagination, creativity, and empathy.


Children haven’t yet fully accepted the artificial boundaries of convention, convenience, prejudice, hate, or inertia to which many adults have surrendered. Every child has the potential for prodigious accomplishments in any field she or he cares deeply enough about.

Rather than marks and grades, if public education focuses on igniting and channeling students’ wonder, innocence, sense of justice, creativity, optimism, hope, and unlimited potential, in less than a generation the world will be kinder, more equitable, and healthier, in every sense.


Kind Words

"There is an interesting limitation with Linked-In's recommendation system: I had a hard time selecting the "role" Phil was in when we worked together. That is simply because I have connected with Phil in most of his roles - at least those since 1989. And, although he might not remember, it goes back even further, to when I provided database updates for the CHOICES computerized career guidance system back in 1986. So, I have known Phil and his work for a very long time.

Phil is a legend in Canadian - and world - career development circles. He has been working to give people, and especially young people, solid information, planning help and connection to the workforce since - well since forever. He has a clear vision for practical and community-infused approaches to helping young people to not only imagine but to enact preferred futures. It would be impossible to describe his incredibly long list of achievements, commitments and contributions to career development within this space, but he is in my Top 5 Most Trusted Career people on the planet (and I am known as a very tough marker)."



Kris Magnusson,

Dean, Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University

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